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Agroplasa, Your partner in the Agriculture Industry and laboratory equipment is located in Bogor, West Java. Our professional staff consists of highly trained technical analysts that are committed to providing quality product  and laboratory equipment and service to each of our clients in the world wide agricultural community. This Agroplasa is also  for offer Supplier Products to the horticulture industry (Fertilizers, Horticulture greenhouse, Horticulture products, Horticulture consultants, Horticulture equipment, Horticulture machines, Pesticides).

Tersedia alat ukur untuk pertanian perikanan makanan seperti Paddy Soil Test Kit Chemical test kits Dissolved Oxygen Meters Coductivity/EC/TDS meters pH meters Salintest (salt content of water) Multiparameter  Hygrometers Thermometers Chemical Oxygen demand Skin pH tester Soil pH tester Titrators Turbidity meters Wall mount indicators Photometers Soilmoisture  pH testers Refracto (Sugar) % Brix Tensiometer Lux meters Pasir Zeolite (penjernih air)  Pasir Kuarsa.

Tersedia bahan pupuk/nutrisi untuk tanaman hortikultura, perkebunan  pangan dan palawija, hidroponik/hydroponics NFT  aeroponics seperti pupuk AB MIX 100% larut dalam air Kalsium Nitrat  Ca(NO3)2 Kalium Nitrat  KNO3 Magnesium Sulfat  MgSO4 Mono Kalium Posfat KH2PO4 Kalium Sulfat K2SO4 Mangan Sulfat MnSO4 Seng Sulfat ZnSO4 Tembaga Sulfat CuSO4 Besi Chelat: Fe-HEEDTA 12% Natrium Molibdat Na2MOO4 dan Nutrisi pupuk hidroponik hydroponics NFT aeroponics siap pakai untuk tanaman PAPRIKA, TOMAT MELON TIMUN SELADA SAYURAN DAUN STRAWBERY CABE MAWAR KRISAN ANTHURIUM SAYURAN DAN BUNGA lainnya.

Agroplasa Supplier Products  and Services:
  Plant & Soil Nutrition Hydroponics Fertilizer
  Growing Media, Rockwool, cocopeat Environmental Instrument
  Water Quality Meteorological Instrumentation
  Chemical Tes Kits, NPK Tester Pesticide in Soil, Plants
  Fertilizer Biological Control
  Aquatic Plant Shadingnet, Plastic UV, Polybag
  Irrigation System (out/ in dour) Project Feasibility Study of Hydroponics
  Greenhouse Construction

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 Buku Hidroponik The book gives a good overallunderstanding of hydroponics so that a beginner





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CALL/SMS : 0817 0000389

Telp. 0251-7194243

Email: info@agroplasa.com


    SMS/CALL Hp. 0817 0000 389  TELP. 0251-7194 243 FAX.: 0251-8410 243       email : info@agroplasa.com


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