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Welcome to Agroplasa :

Agroplasa, Your partner in the Agriculture Industry and analytical laboratory is located in Bogor, West Java. Our professional staff consists of highly trained technical analysts that are committed to providing quality equipment and laboratory analysis and service to each of our clients in the world wide agricultural community. Agroplasa  has provided our clients with the fastest and most accurate laboratory analysis possible with “state of the art” instrumentation and technology.

The Agroplasa difference is our long-term professional staff that provides our clients analytical services as well as overseeing AP  “quality assurance program”. AP provides the four cornerstones for success in production agriculture: 1) a multiple array of analytical services, 2) research in problem solving and product development, 3) education through published material and seminars and, 4) consulting services.

We work to improve the Indonesian Agriculture Industry chain by supplying good quality products and suitable technology Mix Fertilizers for hydroponics substrate  aeroponics NFT  Seeds Growing media Pesticides Plastics follies for greenhouse Drip Irrigation Systems Greenhouses Measurement equipment  lab equipment food quality

Agroplasa Provides a Wide Variety of Analytical Services:
Plant & Soil Nutrition Hydroponics Fertilizer
Soilless Media Fertilizer Solutions
Water Quality Heavy Metals
Chemical Tes Kits Pesticide in Soil, Water & Plants
Fertilizer (agriculture grade) Biological Control (Integ Pest Management)
Aquatic Plant Solid Fertilizer Analysis
Some Other Services Offered by AgroplasaI Include:
Irrigation System (out/ in dour) Project Feasibility Study of Hydroponics
Greenhouse Construction Consulting Related To Hydro or Aeroponics
Contact Us for more information :
Apabila anda perlu informasi Cepat, Kami ada disini untuk anda. Untuk order, Kami siap membantu 24 jam sehari, Silahkan SMS atau Fax.
Mobile Phone : 0812 1111 055  Fax : 0251-8410243 email : info@agroplasa.com

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